Should I Wear a Face Mask in Public?

Should I Wear a Face Mask in Public?

Publish Date: June 2020
Should I Wear a Face Mask in Public?

So here we are, Summer 2020. What a difference a few months makes. The world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Initially little was known about the virus. The recommendations have been all over the place. Now that social distancing measures are being loosened up across the country, one of the key questions is "Should I continue to wear a mask in public?". Unfortunately there is no quick, easy answer and will ultimately come down to your comfort level keeping in mind other people's well being. Personally, I will wear a mask indoors whenever there is a chance of close contact with someone I don't know. This means the grocery store, pharmacy, big box stores, really any place that you can't keep a safe distance from everyone else. 

So the next question is, what is the best face mask for me? There are several choices out there for face masks. Again, it comes down, to your comfort level. I, personally, just use a cloth face mask. My exposure to others is minimal and at most is 1 hour at the gym so I don't need anything medical grade. Plus I am also able to wash and re-use them.

If you're looking for a single, general use maskthis pack of 50 will get you by for more than a month using one each day. It does have a 3-ply polypropylene filtration layer but is not intended for medical use. It is more of a general use mask and has not been proven to reduce the transmission of disease so read the warning labels carefully. 

The WHO is now saying asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is "very rare" so wearing a mask, especially in around people with symptoms, will help decrease your chances of exposure. Although this new information contradicts previous guidelines, it is refreshing to hear the virus is not as dangerous as first anticipated. The situation will likely continue to be fluid until a vaccine is approved for widespread use. 

The good news is it seems as though social distancing has provided a buffer to most health care systems that will provide researchers more time to discover a viable vaccine that can be distributed world wide. Unfortunately, there has been far too many casualties in this war with COVID-19

Please be aware the information provided in this article is for informational use only and is not intended to replace or reflect professional advice you should seek from a qualified medical professional should you experience any COVID-19 symptoms or any other medical issue. For more information please visit the CDC Website here

Keep those hands clean and take care of yourself!

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